What good are

things like Fulbrights, good GPAs and varied work experiences in the field of FRENCH good for if you don't have the right passport?

Nada, my friends. Nada.

Today I had an interview for a job that I really wanted, that has to do with French-American relations and is located in central Paris and is sort of a dream come true. Except that I need to have valid EU working papers to get the job, which they failed to mention in the ad. And so I got all dressed up and took a metro ride to the 6th to be told that it looks like it won't work out.


And here is something that annoys me:
Me: Yeah, it's just a shame because I really think I'm right for the job!
Any Non-American: Oh, well you're American, I'm sure you don't need papers to work in France.

YOU WANNA BET? I think the entire world needs to take a deep breath and realize that although it seems like our McDonald's-creating, giving-gum-to-European-children-after-WWII, American selves should be able to get a job in Europe with the snap of our fingers, it is simply not so.

In protest of this bull, I'm going to eat some pasta with cream and lardons and do some Sudoku, which seems to be the two things I've become addicted to this week. I suppose the pasta isn't the best thing for my health (see: LARDons), but my Mom tells me that Sudoku helps prevent Alzheimer's. So at least there's that.


A.B. said...

You and Kaye should have a long chat. It's taking her FOREVER to get a work visa in Australia (and they're always trying to get more people there to boost their population! Who knew? I mean, really, not so long ago they were shipping English thieves to populate the island!)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jen Let's talk about having the right visa and 'stuff' that you have to do to get it!
:) TJ