Guess who's on holiday? Wait, no, it's still not me...

Today was my official last day at the Nouvelle Sorbonne (otherwise known as the place where profs use old tissues to wipe the blackboard and have no problem lecturing while literally 99% of the class is sleeping and/or texting their friends in the SAME classroom). While my other final exams were before Easter break, today was the big one- Proust, Aragon and Simon mixed into ONE MIGHTY EXAM based on over 1700 PAGES OF READING! Rock on, why don't we do this every week?

For no logical reason (I really think it's just because they like screwing with us), they put three different classes in the same amphitheater for the final. There was no order to this madness, everyone sat wherever, which meant that handing out the exam questions went very orderly. By this I mean that three teachers of three DIFFERENT classes all said at the same moment "raise your hand if you're in 16th/17th/20th century!" So every person in the room raised their hand and that made things very clear and efficient, just like they like it in France.

Here's a picture of us taking the test (though I don't remember all those red flags, hm, must have happened while during the first of four hours when I wanted to shred my exam question and my head in the same machine):

Golly, you must be saying, Jen sure does have it nice finishing all her work before May even starts! And yet, wrong again there partner, because GM'07 has yet to make its big debut. Plus I have that pesky business class that continues on through May, at the end of which I will have to pass a "concours" and write business letters like there's no tomorrow. I'm sure I will be well-prepared because the teacher usually lectures on useful topics like cow breeds and the major benefit of the EU, which according to him is that small towns that don't have enough money themselves to build a swimming pool can ask the EU and they usually get it! I don't know about you, but that sure sounds like a reason to join an economic union! Think of the diving boards!

To celebrate the "hey, you aren't yet done, but you really feel like you should be!" feeling, I'm going drinking on a bridge with some friends. Hopefully I will not fall in the Seine, although that could be a fun story, depending upon how mutated the Seine fish are and the level of cuteness of the firemen that come to pull me out.

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