A little sick of not being home

Yesterday one of my best friends in New York called with the good news that she's engaged. She's getting married to a wonderful guy; they're the kind of people you feel should be getting married in this world and we've all been expecting it for some time, but the fact that's it's actually happening is exciting.

This phone call led me to a downward spiral of homesickness which ended with me making oh, about 30 phone calls to friends and family in the States. Most of the time I feel like I'm not missing much over there, but then your friend goes and gets engaged and the only thing you want to do is have brunch with her and her friends and talk about flower arrangements.

I guess I called everyone a bit too early because most of them were still sleeping at 11:30am (or... they were hungover. Yes. That sounds appropriate.), but I did manage to get a few of them and it was so good to TALK about everything and everyone and life and love and cultures. I haven't had so much success making French friends that can have these kinds of talks; is this possibly a cultural thing? Is the willingness to spout philosophies of life for hours on end an American thing?

Yesterday's talking resulted in a quiet Monday; I did get my final draft of GM'07 back and now there's only some grammatical errors, an intro and a conclusion that stands in the way of me and a 50-some page MASTERPIECE. I am considering printing a bunch of copies and handing them out in the metro like free newspapers.

You know everybody wishes they could get some Andre Gide lovin for their morning commute.


Matt said...

I hope you're still thinking about our special project. I was in Boston last week & hinted to some ex-advocateers that we've got something in work (Dombi, Purdy, Tarbaby) and they were interested. We'll chat soon.

Anonymous said...

Jen - I'm sorry to make you homesick!!! I promise to call you and fill you in on the details every step of the way!!