Paris Newsletter: Month Seven

Dear Paris,

This month you decided to bring on some serious Dickens' weather. It was the best of times and the worst of times for March; long stretches of gray, rainy coldness were interrupted by short afternoons of sunshine and 70-degree delightfulness. During one of these particularly cold and rainy days, I passed by Monceau Fleurs, as I do everyday and saw that they were blowing bubbles with machines. I paused on the corner and watched as grumpy businessmen smiled when they realized what was falling down around them and kids in strollers reached their arms high into the air.

It reminded me of a day a few weeks ago when the South American was sitting at the kitchen table while I did the dishes. I squeezed the dish soap and a bubble came out and floated across the counter towards him. We spent the next 10 minutes speaking in hushed voices, not letting that bubble hit the ground, jumping over the couch to create wind, using hand motions and blowing in different directions to keep it high enough but not too high. It finally fell behind the armchair and popped but it makes me smile to think about two adults running around a fairly small space, all in the hopes of keeping one bubble alive.

Erica came to visit last week and I took a bus to meet her at the library one afternoon. I'm sort of into buses lately, especially when it's nice outside; you really feel better when you're not spending your commuting time underground. This particular bus passed from the south of Paris to the north and went by Notre Dame, Chatelet, and the heart of the city. The sun was out and Notre Dame was just doing her thing as usual, and I was struck by how life has grown around these old monuments, how so many people have been born and have died since Notre Dame was built. "I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lucky to live here," I thought to myself. This feeling hits me everytime someone from my pre-Parisian life visits and so I suppose that the number of visitors this month could have something to do with my current status of "IN LOOOVE" with the city (why am I always sitting on the left?!?):

I had a party for St. Patrick's day and at a certain point in the evening, I stood back and quietly watched what was going on around me. I realized that I didn't know any of these people a year ago (other than Yacoub ...) and the reality of having friends and not being alone on a Saturday night filled me with such a feeling of peace. There was a point a few months ago when I didn't think I could achieve that here, that I imagined myself going home in June with a somewhat negative memory of Paris and the people who live here. This has been overcome.

I'm still struggling with GM'07, but it's going to get there by May 4. There have been more than one night spent tearfully writing something that I wasn't proud of just to hand it in on deadline, but now that my classes are basically over, the next month stretches out ahead of me like a comforting amount of time to clean everything up. Others have written their theses before I have, and with a little help, I'm going to get there too.


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