So anyway...

Erica blew in from Boston like a hurricane full of Easter peeps, good new music, and a willing suspension of disbelief that nothing is more important than talking about everything. This is my favorite thing about Erica and the reason why inefficiency has a field day whenever we hang out; there's no sense fighting it, we're just going to sit around and talk until the moment we go to sleep and then again from the moment we wake up. It's one long, continuous conversation. I'm pretty sure that the first thing one of us said this morning upon waking up was "it's just that..." which was of course referring to something we'd said 12 hours earlier. Sleep is no match for the important life-dissecting things we have to say to each other.

As it turns out, neither is a thesis.

What is not helping is the EIGHTY DEGREE weather we're having here in Paris. My desire to analyse texts while chained to my computer is only slightly less than my desire to embrace a new career with the idiots at France Telecom. I am hoping that I'll have more time to update things here in FOL-land, but I promise at least some pix of this B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. spring city.


Anonymous said...

In Yorktown Hts., you wouldn't have to worry about 80 degrees! It's now 44 and raining. We had over 6 inches of rain yesterday and it's still raining. All of the schools are closed, the major highways are closed, and they evacuated parts of Rye and Mamaroneck. Allentown is supposed to get snow showers! Give me some spring, please!

Anonymous said...

Good old Rye is flooded.... twice within a month!!!! Our YMCA- totally destroyed... well atleast the walkway that leads to the front entrance is! Good news- No school and no work!!! Yayy