The end of an era

It's very quiet in my apartment, where, despite the fact that it is 12:30 on a Wednesday, I am still sitting in bed in my pajamas, playing on the Internet. Classes (other than the final exams for that pesky business class) are over and GM'07 is done. It's hard to believe; the past four or five weeks have been filled with constant scrambling to find time, to re-read, to run up and down my five flights quickly to get more books. And now, everything is quiet.

I think this must be how it is to send your kid to college; after weeks of shopping for laundry bags at Walmart and packing fall/winter/spring clothes, the door to the mini-van slams and then you're left sitting there, wondering what the hell you're supposed to do next.

I went to see an apartment yesterday because, as of July 1, I'm homeless in Paris. The room was nice and the location was fantastic and the price was decent, but the two other roommates weren't the right ones. I wish they would have been, but I've done this enough now to know that I need to listen to my gut and so I'm not going to take the place. Living alone for the past few months has changed me in a way that I really don't want to put up with someone else's weird singing in the middle of the day. Or practicing to be a mime (arguably a quiet hobby, but... um...). I'm 26 years old and I want to have a home, a place that feels like mine, with a cat and my music and the solitude that I sometimes need.

And how will I pay for this solitude, feline-laden music paradise? Well let's just say that the next couple of weeks should dictate how I make my money next year. There are a couple of very interesting jobs that I'm up for and if those fall through, I guess I'll be back to turning tricks in the world of ESL.

The good news is that Ryanair stopped its moodiness and I am now the proud owner of a 6-day vacation to Dublin and Galway. I haven't left Paris since Prague, and I'm itching to go see some green in Ireland (not to mention party and/or have good talks with some French and American ladies that I haven't seen in YEARS). I really can't imagine anything better right now than spending time along the sea in a warm sweater with a book and a cup of hot chocolate. And maybe a torrid 6-day love affair with a freckled Irish farmer boy. Very Far and Away.


Anonymous said...

hiya friendo.

i miss you.

~ Erica

ev said...

congrats with being done with GM'07!!! that's great!
and don't mess with the befreckled irish boy that I'M thinking of...

Anonymous said...

Failte in Ireland!
i hope we'll have time for parties!!!
see you tomorrow nite