Fun Fact 005: Ireland Special

Saint Patrick: St. Pat is the patron saint of Ireland, though you may be more familiar with the date of his death, when everybody worldwide, regardless of heritage, uses it as an excuse to get wasted. His cathedral is located in central Dublin. The fact that there are no snakes in Ireland struck me as more interesting than the fact that Saint Patrick is supposed to have been the one who chased them out. A quick google search suggests that there have never been snakes in "post-glacial Ireland," a fact that makes me want to pack up my stuff and move over there. STAT.

Plastic Bags: Ireland imposed a special tax on plastic bags in 2002 and cut down on 90% of their bag usage since then. If you go into a store and ask for plastic, you better be prepared to take out your wallet. Funds raised from purchasing plastic bags go into a green fund to help the environment. Whether you live in Ireland or not, check these out; they're chic and well-worth the investment.

Fighting for Apes: Edith took me to a free gig at Tower Records in Dublin on Saturday to hear this hip Dublin band. Click on their link and listen to 'Lend me your face' and then JUST TRY to get it out of your head for more than 2 minutes. MayKay is the kind of female lead singer you sort of always wanted to be in an impossible kind of way; she wore all black and screamed a bit more than she does on the EP. Oh, also- the drummer was H.O.T.

Nora Barnacle and JJ love: Even though they fell in love in Dublin, Nora Barnacle lived in Galway for a while. James Joyce visited her there and, standing outside the low-ceiling house, it seems impossible that such a larger-than-life person could have ever entered such a tiny door. I haven't read Ulysses, but I have to get my ass in gear and see what all the fuss is about.

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