Go ahead, rain on my parade, I'm cool with it

Hey! You know what would be better than spending 6 days in Rome or Madrid or Athens and coming back tan? Maybe going to Ireland in the 44 degree weather and coming back whiter than I am right now!* Yeah!

Actually, I'm not being sarcastic about that. I'm pretty psyched to wear a wool sweater and suede boots again- it's like the "boot revival", you thought you were done wearing boots this season but all of a sudden Ireland in May pulls them right out again.

I just got off the phone with my Mom, who says it's raining in Miami, where she is overlooking the beach. It's also coincidentally raining in Paris, where I am looking at a pile of dirty dishes and (to no surprise) will be raining as usual in Ireland. What's with all the hate, weather?

Here are some goals for the next 6 days:
-work on secret project that I owed Matt months ago
-read many glorious books in ENGLISH
-drink hot chocolate
-BROWN BREAD FOR BREAKFAST (yes, this can be a goal, thankyouverymuch)
-take walks around the Galway Bay
-listen to live Irish music
-catch up with Jess and Edith

Ok, that's enough shameless linking to friends' blogs. Have a great week, people... enjoy the rain, wherever you are.

*not really possible, but bon...

PS. Guess what Edith lives next to? Oh, yeah, that would be the GUINNESS FACTORY. Merci, universe.


bec said...

Have fun in Galway!! it's WONderful. . i was drunk most of the time and the stories are probably not suited for the general audience, but they do include me peeing in an alley and one of my friends had her bra stolen by a floridian frat boy. oh yes, it rained.

Anonymous said...

yeah near the guinness factory...

and we're thinking setting up a pipe going straight from the brewery to our flat... free guinness anyone?