Goldfest and the Sunshine Band '07

Start the countdown, people, because one month from today, Goldrick is headed BACK to Europe and this time she's bringing the crew. Adventures for this trip include picnics on the ile de la cite, la FETE DE LA MUSIQUE, and enough Mimosas to kill a pony.

Having them visit for four days can never be as good as it was to live in the same city as these girls for two years. But maybe I'll go out with them and fall asleep in a bar again because that? That was one. good. time.

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seasidesar said...

well, with that falling-asleep-against-the-foam-wall-in-a-bar night also came the-first-confessional... so i'll have to bring it back to fully document Goldfest and the Sunshine Band.

can't wait!!!

ps - hope ireland's living up to your dreams

pps - the author of your book is like the french female version of my lovely boyfriend (full name: justin gardiner) - hah!!!