Lame in May!

So far May has been LAME with all-caps and italics and underlines. This is because of GM'07, among with other life-consuming situations like (non)love and thoughts of the future and Ryanair. I have been trying to buy a plane ticket on Ryanair for two days and they keep telling me there is an error in my credit card number. This is a foul lie and I cannot believe that the only thing standing in my way of spending 5 glorious Ireland-days is the bitch that is Ryanair's error page. Knowing that this short trip to see friends and the sea is in jeopardy only makes me feel more desperate and unsettled.

Along with all of this, a nice case of insomnia was born a few nights ago and I now spend my nights thinking about different ways to enter a credit card number and where I will live in September if I can't find an apartment before I leave in July.


So just wanted to stop in and say that lots of things are coming, Paris newsletter for April is on its way, as well as reflections and new projects and the like. But patience is a virtue and GM'07 has to get done first.

I hope you've also realized that this post is lame; this was intended by the author who wanted to create the "mise en abyme" effect- you know, using lameness to describe the LAME.

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Anonymous said...

f* ryanair!

did you try to order something else on the net to see if it was working? because it can be your credit card (some of my friends had problems with their credit cards coz of their bank...)