Some like it HOT. Not me.

I took myself out to dinner in Galway the other night to a cute little noodle place I'd remembered from my last visit. I asked the waitress if it was possible to have the chicken and courgette peanut stir-fry LESS spicy. This needed to be said because two pepper icons were next to it and this was the most pepper icons anywhere on the menu. Also, I am somewhat spice-challenged and the hottest thing I can handle is sour cream and onion chips. Even then, I need a tall glass of water to cool things down.

The waitress was Asian, but spoke great English and even had an Irish accent. So when she came by with my plate and said "here you go, it's VERY spicy!", you can understand my confusion.

"Maybe she meant very HOT," I thought to myself, which by the looks of the steam pouring off it certainly seemed the case.

Ten minutes later I'm guzzling my 7-up, my lips are burning and (via the handy mirror hanging directly in front of me), I can tell I'm a nice shade of TOMATO. "What the hell," I thought, "This is the freaking OPPOSITE of less spicy."

Turns out that was true. Seeing my inability to swallow any of my meal without an immediate chaser, the waitress came by and asked "You asked for EXTRA spicy, right?"


She felt bad about it and gave me a bottle of water for free, but I'll just say one thing- my freaking lips were burning for the next SIX HOURS. Luckily I'm in Ireland, so I ordered a couple of pints of Smithwicks and let the beer do its refreshing thing.

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