Some real good Mcmusic

I can't take the sight of blood and truth be told, I sort of hate each of the characters for different reasons, but I am 100% addicted to Grey's Anatomy. I end up in tears while watching every episode and I think a lot of that has to do with the music that they play; it's the kind of music that makes you want to wear scrubs and slouch around your apartment while drinking tea and thinking bitterly about all those doctors you've been screwing and how mentally screwed up you are from it all.

I found a website that lists all the songs that are playing during the episodes and I've now spent the past couple of hours downloading a whole load of them. Check it out if you have a minute- this is good music, especially the stuff by the band "Let's go Sailing" and the singer Ingrid Michaelson.

Beware: Meredith Grey-type mood swings ahead.

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Evelyn said...

number one, whose room has that amazing view?

number two, i totally agree about grey's anatomy, duh, you KNOW i do, and also i find all of them annoying because they're all so weak.

three, i think the music is also its secret success.

four, mylo is in cat heaven. :(

miss you!