All Quiet on the Western Front

So we're on this quest last night to find the film Paris je t'aime because Kate decides it's the thing she MUST do before leaving the city. We scour the 17th and 8th districts for hours, trying to find a store or a machine that has the freakin' film. In the meantime, we order pizza at Pizza Hut and march on towards other movie stores while we wait for the fine PH chefs to cook our cheesy lard.

At a certain point, I say to Kate "ok, if it's not at the next one, let's just go home and watch something else." And fate must have heard that one- but not only fate. Embarrassment on a god-like level also must have heard that one because what happened next was basically the most embarrassing moment that I've had in a good ten years.

We approach the video store; I try to pull the left door handle open and it's not budging. I kind of fight with it a little (because WE MUST CONQUER THIS MOVIE RENTAL PLACE LIKE THE OTHERS!) and realize that it's locked. So instinctively, I reach my right hand up to push open the right door and sort of fall into the video store. I suddenly realize that I have just mimed opening the right-hand door because IT WAS ALREADY OPEN. So now I'm standing there with my hand up as if I'm supposed to be pushing the door and I look up to see the rental guy AND a customer looking directly at me, watching this scene, obviously wondering simultaneously "what is that girl ON?"

We laughed about that for hours.

I put Kate on the bus to the airport a few hours ago and am now trying to do a massive cleaning session with the apartment because it looks like vandals broke into the place, made a feast and left dirty dishes everywhere, then decorated with huge piles of trash. I'm so tired that I can barely sit up straight and yet tonight I'm going on a date with someone who is picking me up on his moto. Having never ridden on a moto before, I am unsure as to the dress code (skirts not allowed, I presume??) and I'm a bit concerned about falling asleep on that thing, though I know that fear of seeing my brains squashed on the place de la Concord will probably keep me awake on the way to the restaurant.

Also, getting four friends from two countries and a variety of airports (including Beauvais! who doesn't hate Beauvais!?!) to my apartment on Tuesday is proving to be more difficult than lining up allied forces for D-Day. Churchill may have had his challenges with building a port overnight, but he didn't have to organize hairdryers and adapters for four New Yorkers storming into Paris by land and sea.

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