Crashing of the plates!

Me: Yeah, so we've been having a great time and we went to a nice little restaurant last night in the Marais.
Student: Oh! I know a restaurant that is very interesting. It is a crazy. Go in the Latin Quarter and then you find some Greek restaurants. One has a name, Les Argonauts. Go there and it is very interesting.
Me: Really? What is it like?
Student: The man who brings of the food, he is very crazy. He is singing and dancing and crashing the (makes a hand motion)...
Me: Plates?
Student: Yes, he is crashing of the plates on the floor to be crazy. And if you want to dance, it's no problem. The man will take the table napkin and you can dance on the table with the man too.
Me: Wow, that sounds pretty intense!
Student: Yes, it is very interesting. I think your mother and sister will like it very much. The crashing of the plates is the best!

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