GM'07. Mission completed.

Hello my name is JenMA. I can now officially add those letters to the dusty old CV.

Some random notes from today:

1. I could not believe how much hair was in my apartment while I was cleaning today. Is this disgusting for you to read? It sort of was to clean too. I almost called Locks of Love and told them to roll over here to create their fall collection. This is what you get after having 6 female guests in 3 weeks. I am thinking of inviting only bald people to stay from now on.

2. I watched Keeping the Faith tonight, which always makes me want to be Jewish. Seriously. If Ben Stiller was a rabbi in real life, I'd be doing shabat every Friday. What's that? You haven't seen that movie? Well I guess you know what your weekend project is.

3. I have no pix from last night's pub night, though I wish I did, especially of the time when I thought Maddy went to the bathroom and she called from McDonald's to ask if we wanted ice cream. The image of her scooping up her strawberry sundae while the rest of us were guzzling cider was one for the books.

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