Linguistic progress and grr... ROWERS

At la Poste, changing traveller's checks, after translating between them for 10 minutes...

Fonctionnaire (to Mom): Can you please make a signature here?
(Mom signs the checks, he forks over the value for the sad excuse of an exchange rate)
Fonctionnaire (to me): Does your mother speak French?
Me: Er..


Watching a rowing team practice on the Grand Canal at Versailles this afternoon...

Kate: Oh, that guy is RIPPED.
Me: Um, he's like 15 years old.
Kate: No, he's the coach. Look at that outfit! Don't you think he looks good?
Me: That thing is so tight; one might politely suggest the need for a cup. He looks like an Olympic figure skater. Seriously, that's Brian Boitano.

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