Paris Newsletter: Month Nine

Dear Paris,

My sister Katie arrived yesterday from Togo to spend the next two weeks hanging around Paris and doing things like using electricity and running water. We went on a long walk last night across the city and I made it a point to take her a certain route to get the best glimpses of everything. There is no thrill like showing something you love to someone you love. Every time she said "oh. my god. it's so beautiful here" I felt immense pride, as though I'd constructed the whole city myself, laid every stone for Notre Dame and organized the long line of impressive monuments that stretch from the Arch de Triomphe to the Louvre. I usually feel lucky to live here, but I feel that most when I have the opportunity to share that with someone else.

May was a strange month in France because the weather blew and we were on vacation at least once a week for bank holidays. This meant that I had a bit more free time, yet was caged in my apartment more often than not. I did a lot of lounging and watching Seinfeld seasons 1-5, but also did quite a bit of fruit-shopping at the African market at Chateau Rouge. I did this last weekend with Angela, Blythe and Kathryn, and we came back to my place and made fruit salad afterwards. There is nothing like fruit salad on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

My trip to Ireland was killer in the seeing old friends department and got me thinking a lot about growing and changing as a person. It seems as though my trips to Ireland serve as bench marks and when I think back to the last time I was there or the time before that, it's almost difficult to recognize that girl. I certainly don't have everything worked out in terms of what's ahead for me, but it does feel damn good to know that, despite the emotional flailing and falling, I'm different today than I was a year ago.

A couple of my students told me about an auction house called Drouhot in the center of Paris (and incidentally, not far from one of the places I teach) so last Thursday I wandered in to check things out. I couldn't believe what was being sold at this place: Egyptian bracelets from before J.C., 16th century desks, old paintings, and beautiful old jewelry. At one point, I was watching an auction happen in one of the rooms where they were selling the jewelry. I was leaning against the back wall when I had an itch on my ear and almost went insane not itching it, for fear that I would end up giving the signal for "yes, I'll take that pearl broach for 5,000 euros and here's my credit card to pay for it."

The end of May also marks the 1-year anniversary of this blog. I specifically remember trying to decide how to start such a project. But things have been rolling and I promise that I'll get around to fixing the header that's way too short on the right hand side (thanks for being polite and not saying anything, but I sort of cringe every time I see it and think MENTAL NOTE: FIX THE SHIT AT THE TOP OF YOUR PAGE SO YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE A DESIGN FOOL). So here's to a new header coming up shortly and another year of blogging from Paris- or wherever things take me.


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