Sergeant Sarko

Ah, irony. My last post started with a declaration of un-deadness and then I go and disappear for a week. Don't be offended though; I haven't been communicating with anyone. My mom wrote me an email last night making sure I was still alive and hadn't moved to Belgium without telling her or something equally unfair to a mother. Goldfest and the Sunshine Band '07 trickled out of Paris between last night and 5:15am this morning. I can't even start to climb the retelling mountain of how great the past four days were with them, so that will have to wait until I have more than a nap in me.

But I will leave you with this in-cred-ible photo I just found on the IHT. I think it really blurs the line between president and California police detective who just received a call from the president. Those sunglasses do it all.

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georgie said...

that's a great pic niko! i can't believe i didn't realize you were in paris in may! i'm sick i didn't get in touch w/ you. a buddy of mine from school stayed near the place de la republique...