Take THAT, GM'07!

Today was the big Defending Of The Thesis day and all in all, it went ok. By that I mean that I almost sounded like I had control of my voice and somehow managed to respond to a question that took a lit professor TWENTY-FIVE minutes to ask. I'm not saying that I had a good answer, I'm just saying that a few syllables came out of my mouth and I did not drool in response, which is sort of what my brain wanted me to do. I also did not stand up and give him the finger, which is another suggestion that my brain came up with. I'm pretty proud of that.

After that ordeal was over, I headed over to the old English-teaching homestead to meet with my boss and to ask him if he would not only take me back as a teacher next year, but also convince him to let me go home for 6 weeks this summer. This has kind of a been a key concern of mine, you know, the whole earning something in a post-M.A. life. Luckily for me, he was happy to ask me back and told me to take 8 weeks vacation instead of 6! How French is that!?! So now I'll be home for two whole months, 8 glorious weeks of eating watermelon and cooking on the grill and playing with the cats and doing the lists of chores my Dad writes for me to keep me in shape for society.

On second thought...


Anonymous said...

congrats on finishing GM '07 !

~ Erica ~

Anonymous said...

Wow Jen,
Congrats! We are so excited that you'll be here for a long time!
Party time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!