Ensemble avec Guillaume Canet, c'est tout

We left Mom off at the airport shuttle this morning and tonight Kate and I hit the Champs-Elysee for shopping and a French movie. I have to admit that I'm not good with names of actors or directors and so when I saw the name "Guillaume Canet" on the screen after the film was over, it didn't ring any bells. However, one thing became clear while watching Ensemble c'est tout- Guillaume Canet can ring MY bell any freakin time he wants to because he. is. hot.

Turns out, Guillaume also did a couple of little projects you may have heard of, like DIRECTED Ne le dis a personne and starred in Jeu d'Enfants, which featured that other actress that basically became Edith Piaf in La Mome. As my sister put it, Guillaume Canet is like a French Ben Covington in the hot bad-boy moody sense, except he's all grown up and matured. Plus, he's a chef in this movie, and ladies- who doesn't want him cooking your dinner?

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Anonymous said...

can't believe you didnt know him!!!
i've been in love with him for so long!!!
you're absolutely right, he.is.hot!!!