The 181 things you should have known yesterday...

Today at work we decided to go out and buy salads because no one brought anything and I was tired of eating leftover funeral food. When we got back to the lunchroom, we found a couple of magazines lying around and, upon spotting the Newsweek headline "The 181 things you need to know NOW", we decided to take the 17-question quiz to see if we're really as smart as we think we are.

Turns out, we aren't.

This is another version of the quiz and I urge you to try some of these questions out and then tell me how stupid you feel in the comments section because we scored 5/17. AS A TEAM.

After you struggle through questions about how many Asians are going to rule the planet in 20 years and Russian gas lines, then cruise over to CNN to read a ridiculous story about a cat that predicts death. Just another good comparison of the kinds of interesting stories you read in Newsweek and the sludge (yet factually fun!) you get on CNN.

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