Cheatin' like a Moulin Rouge floozy...

So I'm walking uptown to Grand Central from Union Square on Sunday afternoon and I pass through a couple of parks. In these parks are grassy areas and on these grassy areas are blankets and on these blankets are people. People reading and people having ice cream and people taking naps. "Hey!" I thought. "What are all you Parisians doing here??"

But of course, those people are not Parisians, they are New Yorkers. This proves the point that maybe Paris doesn't have the only well-read, ice-cream-loving, sleepy people in the world.
A few blocks later, I come across this (see above photo) and have the same feeling that I get when I spot the Eiffel Tower from across town, and I immediately feel like some kind of city-loving-and-leaving prostitute. I haven't even been out of Paris two weeks and I'm already cheating! Already falling for another city! Doesn't commitment mean anything to me?

Apparently not because here are some other images from this weekend when I fell hard for New York:


chris said...

Don't leave!

I mean, go home to Paris.

No, nevermind. Stay.

My advice to you is only as good as the advice I give myself.

EricC said...

Wow, sounds like you had quite an adventure after you left us on Sunday! How come your pics look so much better than any that I take? I suppose it is because I aways just take pics of myself...and they are never pretty (!!!)

Oh God, Chris' comment sounds EXACTLY like how he is, it is sooo scary!

I am leaving too, in 10 weeks, lets all leaveeeeeeee!

seasidesar said...

last night i walked through washington square park, past all sorts of people, including a group of with guitars and some with only their voices, singing 'light my fire' - with the fountain behind and arch all lit up framing the whole scene. even after living here 3 years the beauty and complete alive-ness of it never goes unnoticed or unappreciated. welcome, jen.

A.B. said...

I love those 're-seeing' moments when you've been away from a place for long enough that you're overcome by the familiar newness of it all. Looking forward to experiencing it. Jep, your pics made me just a little bit jealous. x

Anonymous said...

i so want to visit new york... with you as my guide!
we'll do that in a few years hopefully!!!
take care