For anyone interested in love and life and the way music brings people together, you need to check out Once, an Irish film starring the lead singer of The Frames. It's a modern-day musical (but I even hesitate to call it that, for fear you'll imagine singing and dancing awkwardly thrown in). It's a story about two people who should give love a shot and the moments that you spend with someone when accidental hand-brushing is intentional on all sides.

Also, listening to the soundtrack post-film is even more powerful than the film itself. The songs were written by both lead actors and if you've ever heard a Frames song in your life, you'll identify Glen Hansard's voice in a second. He is wistful and poetic in his lyrics; the melodies are simple and speak for the characters' feelings when they (for various reasons) cannot.

So head out and see this, fall in love with a red-bearded Irish guitar-player and long to be a Czech immigrant in a love-less marriage. Seriously. It's good stuff.

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