Tappen Zee Traffic Foils Guster Fan's Evening

Right now I should be at the Guster concert with my brother in Philly but because some schmucks decided to wreak traffic havoc on the Tappen Zee Bridge this afternoon, I wasn't able to get there. It took me four hours to go about 20 miles and in the end I was forced to turn back, spitting curses in French, English and Angry New Yorker. Steve keeps calling every so often, holding his phone up towards the stage, and though the quality makes it sound as if the concert is being held underwater and the members of Guster are recent stroke victims, I can just about make out "the Captain" or "the Airport". If he calls back and they're playing "Either Way," I may shoot myself out of self-pity.

Guster was one of the first bands I interviewed in college for our fine publication, The Muhlenberg Advocate. Here's the interview we did with Brian (the CRAZY drummer) in case anyone's interested. The Guster concert at Muhlenberg is also the place where I met the lovely Leigh; we both waited in the front row all the way up against the stage barrier for hours beforehand, just so we could be near the flying beads of Guster sweat. Our friendship grew from their perspiration; now that there's some roots.

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