Leave the dirt at the beep

I'll admit that when I sat down five minutes ago with my Dad's homemade peach cobbler to listen to my voice mail I knew there might be a few saved on there. If you would have asked me for my top guess, I'd have said six max. And no, the answer was FIFTEEN. Fifteen voice mail messages from the past ten days or so, all lined up and waiting for me to dial in.

I'm really bad at listening to my messages, so bad in fact that two years ago Evelyn sat next to me on the couch and MADE me listen to them while she took notes on a spare pad of paper. I think I'd reached 35 that time and the thing is, once you get over three, it starts feeling overwhelming to even contemplate calling the mailbox because WHO wants me and WHAT do they need that I'm late sending to them?

Either way, I always end up deleting messages before they're over because they're so old I assume there is no relevant information in them. And perhaps this is my passive-aggressive way of avoiding social responsibility, to wait until the event/issue/trauma/assignment is so far past due that all I can do is shrug my shoulders and delete.

Last week I had dinner at the old apartment in Rye with Evelyn, Tejal and Dani. During said dinner, Evelyn mentioned some highly delicious gossip that she assumed I'd known for weeks because she'd left it in a voice mail for me. I guess my trigger-happy finger zapped it all away though because she didn't spit the gossip out within the first three seconds, a fact that leads me to wonder what else people are leaving at the tail ends of messages.

Is someone in love with me? Have I been fired? Is anyone else pregnant with a KFed baby? I would say that my curiosity outweighs my lazy phone tendencies and that I'll change my ways, but to be more realistic, give me the good stuff first. Forget pleasantries. Leave the dirt at the beep.


Anonymous said...

hey check out that article:
there is a photo of the man you liked... ;-) the pix number 6 methink.
and by the way... lend me your face!


ev said...

i should have used a technique i use with dani sometimes. "Okay, Dani, don't delete this too soon, because I have 3 very important things to tell you. Number one..."
(But even that doesn't work all the time with a button seven-happy person...)
YAY I'll see you soon, and are we still on for brunch after your GRE? I'd tell you to call me, but...