Hell, I'll take a free trip to Club Med right about now...

Here I am, wondering what to write about tonight, feeling a little mad that my day consisted of commute/work/commute/work. On nights like these, I have a kind of inner rage that comes out like "DAMN ALL OF YOU FOR CONVINCING ME IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO LIVE HERE! LOOK AT THIS LIFE I LEAD!" Particularly because my busy days at work leave me with little to no energy to post on this here blog. And no one likes that.

So I'm sitting here stewing about not having any inspiration when I log onto my gmail account and find no less than NINE emails with a subject line of "FEASTOFLOVE/clubmed sweepstakes." I almost spammed them into the spam folder, but out of curiosity, I opened the first one and found a name, a phone number, and a birthday. All eight of the other emails had the same information.

So obviously someone somewhere is having a sweepstakes for a club med trip and accidentally using feastoflove@gmail.com as the email! Hilarious!

Some super-sleuthing on my part has noticed that those emailing me:
1. Mostly have NY area codes
2. Are in the 35+ age category

The paranoid part of me thinks that this is some kind of insanely intelligent computer virus and my whole system is about to crash in 30 seconds because I even dared to open these emails. The curious part of me wants to write them all back a group email to explain the confusion.

And maybe become their new best friends because clearly a club med/feast of love sweepstakes situation is hot stuff.


ladybug said...

here it is: http://www.clubmed.us/cgi-bin/clubmed55/SP/activitiesDescription.do?page=FEAST_OF_LOVE_SWEEPSTAKES_RULES115US&PAYS=115&LANG=US

...i want to apply! (but will wait until closer to the end of accepting applications...)

so funny!

A.B. said...

I'll only go if I can watch WT play water volleyball and say 'It's WAMABAMALAMA TIME!'