At least Britney isn't opening THIS awards show...

I never watch the Emmys. This is mostly because I don't watch TV, or at least not anything that's current. Mostly I stumble across the 'good shows' when I wake up hungover on someone else's couch and they put in some HBO DVD that blows my hungover mind away. Sex and the City and Entourage are two examples.


This year's Emmys show is kind of serving as the background noise for the shopping I'm doing online, but I am vaguely listening in and have to ask- what are all these miniseries and Masterpiece theaters and made-for-TV-movies? Literally every award they've given so far (and I've been watching this long enough to choose 9 Xmas gifts for myself...) has been for one of these things. Why is Grace from Will and Grace in a TV movie about being a starter wife? What does that mean? Why is the Queen looking so serious in her new TV movie? And why can't that cute guy from The Office be on more often?

We had a little party here on the deck this afternoon to celebrate my M.A. The deck is a lovely venue for all types of parties, except that after about 90 minutes of party, it started to feel like a deep-freezer. By the time everyone left, they were wearing borrowed sweatshirts and some were wrapped in fleece blankets. What is it with you, September? Why you gotta be that way? Can't you let the good times roll without being a frosty bizatch?

After the guests left, I opened a few gifts, one of which was a very generous one in the form of a COACH BAG. First I passed out and fell on the floor with glee and good fortune. Then I picked myself up and called Goldrick, who is my go-to girl for all things made to hang on your shoulder and carry your money. Because that is what you do when someone gives you a wonderful gift you would never buy yourself- you call you friend who WOULD buy that for herself to give her a telephone high-five about it.

Weekend highlight: Feeling like a WINNER with good friends and a hot suede bag.
Weekend lowlight: Feeling sad knowing that it's going to be a good couple of years before any of the winning HBO shows make it to my brainwaves.

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