June Carter was one lucky gal

I spent part of my last day in Paris at the Fondation Cartier, not far from Montparnasse. They were showing an exhibit about the history of Rock and Roll and as I wandered through the rooms listening to different selections of hits from the 40's and 50's, I couldn't help thinking "man weren't they lucky back then, to have grown up in a simpler time when Elvis crooning about being a hound dog was the most complex stuff they heard on the radio."

Ya, I'm naive like that.

I have to recommend the exhibit though for those who are still in the Parisian region; I could have spent a lot more time watching the videos and sitting in the "studio" listening to the recording sessions of Elvis and Johnny Cash, among others. And if you haven't yet seen Walk the Line, you need to clear a couple of hours this weekend and do so. Cause Johnny + June = hope in true love in a post-rehab world.

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seasidesar said...

speaking of Paris - i accepted the challenge of helping erica @ work find a mime/clown in paris... so if you can help at all in this endeavour, pls let me know! ;)

ps - i heart walk the line