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My brother ended his email this morning to me with these poetic words.

I spent last week living and commuting out of Brooklyn. I'm moving in with Goldrick and Mclo as of December; living with such friends alone makes me feel like I've won some kind of roommate lottery. The apartment itself is a charming three-bedroom with a gigantic kitchen and a peaceful living room complete with a flowered couch (ahh, I've spent many a night tossing and turning on thee).

But other than the apartment and the girls, there is Brooklyn. Brooklyn is so incredible, it makes me want to write poems about it. Here's a sample haiku:

Brooklyn bookstores plus
independent coffee shops
plus Joya
make JOY.

My Mom says the word Brooklyn with disdain. "Oh THAT place," she moans. "I HATE driving in that place." Luckily for me, I don't drive there. I float there with Brooklyn love.

I saw my relatives last weekend in Pennsylvania for the Day of Auctioning Nana's House. It went sort of how you might expect an auction of someone's crap from the past 92 years to go; a couple of items went for big money and the rest was sold at $0.50 a box. I told my relatives I was moving to Brooklyn; whenever I say this to someone who doesn't live close to the city, I imagine the Brooklyn they must imagine in their head. A Brooklyn full of chubby, accented pizza guys, of immigrants, of Dodgers.

I'm back up in Yorktown, far away from the doughy-arms of the pizza boys. My pants feel tight from not walking anywhere in 36 hours, from sitting in one spot with my computer glued to my lap as I prepare a new endeavor. Launch date is tomorrow, so get ready- No Is For Wimps is on it's way!


seasidesar said...

"believe the hype!"

so glad the brooklyn love affair is this contagious...

goldie, brooklyn, and i can't wait to have you*

seasidesar (take 2) said...

btw - did i ever send you this great brooklyn blog/project?