You know when you think you're hip and have it going on and then a 5th grader disses you? Yeah, me too.

5th Grader Babysitting Charge: Jen! I need to write a speech because I'm running for Vice President of the School!
Me: Ok, well what kinds of things do you stand for? Like, why should someone vote for you?
5GBC: Hm. On rainy days, I think we should have a better movie selection for recess. But that's all I can think of!
Me: How about cooler field trips or inviting a great guest speaker to come to the School?
5GBC: Nah, that's too much work. How about "I promise to get recycling bins in the cafeteria"? Or no, make it "I promise to TRY to get recycling bins in the cafeteria."
Me: Oh yeah, that sounds like a politician. Hey- remember when they had that wolf come to the Pre-School? That was pretty cool! Maybe you could get them to bring an exotic zoo! With um... scorpions!*
5GBC: JEN. WE ARE 5TH GRADERS. Come on, be cool.

*Scorpions, their level of toxicity, and the plethora of ways to shoot a scorpion with a paintball gun were all heavily discussed earlier in the evening.

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seasidesar said...

i'm picturing a certain wonderful little blonde boy when you say this... which makes the post that much better. love it.