Annnnd... ACTION!

Scene 1
Place: Kitchen table
Time: Sunday evening, post-dinner
Jen and Steve are surfing the Internet on their respective laptops.

J: Come onnnn... help me think of the top five important things to tell people about helping the environment for my blog tomorrow. It's Blog Action Day.
S: Ok, 1. Use Nalgene bottles.
J: Or maybe just any reusable bottle?
S: Yeah. 2. Eat local food.
J: Ok, I guess I can find a website that tells people where their closest farmer's market is. How about getting fashionable reusable bags?
S: Ok, that can be 3. And 4 should be Use energy-saving lightbulbs.

In the meantime, Mama Epting comes into the kitchen.

S: Also, tell them they should unplug their cell phone chargers if they're not using them (5).
M: I don't do that. I leave mine plugged in all the time.
M: Well, it's just easier.
S: Mom, I am the president of Enact. It's important that I practice what I preach and it's also important that you support me! That's like... if I was the president of the United States and you were... communist.

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