Can Tiger Sharks make photocopies?

Work this week was stressful and at one point Thursday afternoon I started having heart palpitations, sweaty palms, and a migraine. Over photocopies. Friday was much of the same and by the time I walked in the door Friday evening, I was all "RED WINE OR BUST."

So I settled down with some red wine and kettle popcorn on the couch and proceeded to watch abc.com and nbc.com like it was my after-work job. My poor brain was so dim from the intense photocopy work-outs that I even sat through completely shitty shows like The Bachelor (who has no personality and is trying to figure out which no-personality female he should procreate with). Seriously, women who want to go on that show must have a strong desire to inflict bitchy, female competition on themselves... kind of like the girls who join sororities.

Included on the night's program was also Gray's Anatomy, which as Eliza and I discussed at work, seems to never really be great TV, but we can't stop ourselves from watching.

Some Gray's Observations:
1. If I were in a relationship as boring as Meredith and McDreamy, I would pack up my shit and move to a trailer park in another rainy state to find another intern. Maybe Oregon.
2. Every time I think I like Alex, he does something to crown himself DOUCHEBAG once again. Seriously, is that guy cool or not? Because Gray's writers seem to have a problem grasping his character development... which at this point vascillates between "wow I'm hot and emotionally available!" to "wow I think I'm hot and I'm Satan."
3. Lexie, I loved you when you told George you knew you were awesome. "Yeah, you ARE awesome!" I thought. And now I just think you're weepy and boring. Which proves that you really are Meredith Gray's biological sister.


I spent some time with everyone's favorite 5th grader earlier this week, who decided that we should start a band. We all wore backwards Eric Clapton hats; he would play guitar, his 2nd grader brother was assigned drums and I was to be the lead singer.

"Jen, we need to write our first hit."
"Ok, no problem, I have paper and a pen. What do you want our first song to be about?"
*at this point, I start wondering what he'll say- what do 9 year olds think about? Love? Family? Divorce? Global Warming?
"Hm... I think... MONKEYS!"
"Um, I, ok."
"Yeah, 'cause I wrote a song last week about a tiger shark, so that's already done."

Because of course the two options for songs written by 9 year old boys would be tiger sharks and monkeys. In that order.

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Evelyn said...

next time you babysit for him, can you bring him over here so i can hang out with him, too?