Hopes, dreams, and mental issues

Me: Can I ask you for some more water?

Waiter: Sure, anything else? Heads shake as he walks his adorable ass away.

Mclo: Your hand in marriage...?

Me: I don't know how I'd manage with a shrink in the beginning. I'd be so paranoid that everything I tell them slots me into a generalization. And I don't like them thinking about me as the girl who 'xyz.' I don't want to be one of many. I want to be one of one.

Goldrick: Yeah, that's called 'favorite child syndrome.'

Me: You know, I was thinking about it. You're so lucky. You don't have to worry about another gender. There's no question in your mind like, "ohh he's a MAN."

Matthew: Right. It's more, "ohh, he's a dumbass."


Evelyn said...

love love love.

mclo said...

i think you meant to say: "as he walks his [probably FRENCH] adorable ass away".

le ass adorable.