Top 5 "men looking for women" ads on craigslist as of NOW

Ahh, what a menu. WHAT a selection. Craigslist, you really outdo yourself, I must say. Every once in a while a friend will forward me a particularly fantastic-sounding man's ad. And inevitably, I scroll down. And weep. Luckily they are tears of laughter, though I'll tell ya, it's kind of enough to send a single girl to the nunnery.

Top 5 "m4w" headlines of the moment- GO!

5. Let's be honest, nothing too loose.
4. With Strings Attached. The Better to Play Love's Sweet Music.
3. Wanted: Sassy witty, frisky, loyal girlfriend.
2. Matt Damon trapped in George Costanza's body.

and finally,
1. Man with Bod of Porn Star Seeks One Woman.

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