The frosty magic of PP

I spent a lot of my day making a Power Point presentation and this next sentence might shock you. It was my first time. What! You mean I didn't have to make Power Points everyday in college and I NEVER made one during my entire M.A. experience?

1. I was just above the PP generation at Muhlenberg (back in my day we used the crappy Telnet email system which was basically a step above chiseling a stone message to your prof).
2. I did my M.A. in France. Hello! My professors cleaned the chalk board with Kleenex! Power Point is still at least three French generations away from being installed.

The experience wasn't so fun until the end when I discovered a variety of "Design options" for the background. Fearing the worst for your Communications Materials presentation? Dress it in an elegant garnet-colored drape background! Some of the backgrounds are A.mazing, like the one that has fireworks coming out of the top right hand side of the screen.

Tonight (like many nights- oh! miserable existence in suburbia!), I have been sitting on my parents' couch, keeping myself warm with a laptop battery. Finally a few moments ago I had enough and revolted, changing the thermostat from 65 to 67 degrees. This revolution was promptly squashed by Master Freeze himself, who cited the cost of oil as a reason to put on a THIRD shirt. Yes, I want to save the environment. No, I do not want Frostbite.

I have therefore made a Power Point presentation about things that are acceptable at 65 degrees (bearing in mind that family rooms are not included). Enjoy.


pueblo said...

yo jenny,

you better tell mr. snowman that stevie e. is coming home tomorrow with his petite amie for the night and that I don't want to leave with black toes and fingers.

On that note, you should come see the incredible YHS performance of 'our town'..it should be almost as good as our little trip 2 years ago. show is at 7:30pm...let's go see it and then hit up the coachlight inn.

see you tomorrow

Lindsay said...

Wonderful powerpoint jen! Next, you will need to learn how to animate your slides. You will find "custom animations" under the heading of "slide show". Have fun!! -Lindsay (bramson)

Leigh said...

It brings a smile to my face that PowerPoint can actually bring joy to someone. I have 21 presentations saved on this computer from grad school. (No, really, I counted)