Hi Friends.

It has been quite the week and my absence on this blog is not evidence that I've picked up and moved back to Europe. Not yet anyway.

Things fall apart. And then you decide to stop letting them do so. So, in short, that's where I am at the moment. I wish that my storyline arc labeled "moving back to New York" was prettier and more arc-like, but unfortunately the truth of the matter is that it has been quite jagged. And the other day we even had a dramatic re-enactment of the Crash of '29 when I was pulled over by a cop while driving a rented cargo-van. I sobbed my way out of a ticket and then into a Sam's Club parking lot and then all the way home to Yorktown. Low point, one might say. Low point.

Blah. I hate writing about this stuff on FOL because things are supposed to be funny! and light! and interesting to read! But voila, that's how things go.

Exciting events on the horizon:
- home-made TURKEY tomorrow and spending Thanksgiving at home
- green-room-painting in Brooklyn
- Kate home for a visit from Afrique, no doubt looking like the adopted native daughter in all holiday pix
- New Year's in ENGLAND with Katie, Sarah and Harriet

Oh yeah, and by the way? I never announced nifw last week. New issue up; good poetry from boys, among other interesting stuff and a Brooklyn brunch pic I took. Check it.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving; we're supposed to think about what we're grateful for and one of my definites is this blog and the friends (both known and unknown) who read it. Thanks for hanging around despite the drama. It helps.

Happy Thanksgiving xo.

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