Hipper than hip

Something insane just happened. I googled "cool hip projects" (more on this later) and you know what came up? You can't even guess. Have you already googled it to find out? You're so sneaky.

CROCHET SCARVES. On what planet does Crochet Scarves come up as the #1 cool, hip project? What kind of bad-ass knitters are out there?

The reason I was googling 'cool hip projects' is because I am doing a little collaborating for NIFW. I am so excited that we're going to feature a truly cool and hip project in an upcoming issue (see: documentary about love!) and in one of my emails to said director, I mentioned that I thought that cool and hip projects should stay together. NIFW is looking to make friends with some other innovative and creative spirits and therefore I'm on a quest to find potentials.

Since googling turned out to be a bust, I turn to you. Does anyone know of any new bands or film-makers or writers or PROJECTS, really, that we could join forces with? All recommendations are helpful and I promise to be in touch with anyone you recommend. I'd like to feature projects in which people are actively out in the world doing things.

Maybe you are the founder of a scarf-knitting club, perhaps?

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Sarah said...

I believe I tried to start a scarf knitting club with you and Erica, but my efforts were in vain...