OUTRAGE at the voting booth

I enter town hall to vote earlier this evening, tell the woman my name, and wait.

Woman Knitting Patriotic-colored Afghan: Oh you're the third one of those tonight.
Me: Oh, yeah, I guess my Mom and Dad came down. (third one of those??)
WKPA: Please sign right here.
Me: Do you need my license?
WKPA: We don't do that anymore.
Me: (don't do what, verify my IDENTITY when voting? great...) Sorry, I haven't voted here in a while, I was abroad.
WKPA: Oh, where was that?
Me: In France. Paris.
WKPA: France! Those bastards!
Me: Excuse me?
WKPA: Those people hate us.
Me: Uh, no they don't. There are obviously strong feelings towards the French in this country too. (gesture in the general vicinity of her hate-spewing mouth) And they just don't necessarily agree with our government; for that matter neither do I, but that's besides the point...
WKPA: I was in Paris a few years back and they were all bitter and hostile.
Me: Well, maybe that was around the time that the Iraq War began.
WKPA: No, it wasn't. What's so awful is how they treat their women. They don't let women work after they graduate from college! They send them here to get jobs!
Me: HUHASLDGHASLDHGASLDGHASDGLAHSDG??? (fights urge to shove Banana Republic handbag down WKPA's throat). Ok, I'm.... I'm just done.

At this point I walk into the voting machine and am so flustered that I don't understand anything I'm looking at and just vote for three female Democrats. I still cannot even process what kind of unbiased dipshit this woman was and why on earth she was allowed anywhere near a voting machine.

I understand that lots of people don't know about other countries or maybe just aren't interested in places outside their nation. I don't agree, but I accept it. But to spew pure lies about a culture you clearly know nothing about? OUTRAGEOUS.


Anonymous said...

i get that a lot over here [in France]

"How do you find living in France? We [french people] hate Americans, so it must be difficult."

I always respond with, "No, actually, i have plenty of French friends, and they love the fact that i'm American. so just shut up."

works like a charm.

~ Erica ~

bec said...

there was a bit on NPR today about anti-americanisms. Here's a link: http://www.onpointradio.org/shows/2007/11/20071107_a_main.asp


Anonymous said...

There are lots of French people who spread terrible, stereotypical lies about, not only Americans, but also British people and the rest of the world in general, including... oh yeah, my father and most of my family (even those who taught HISTORY and GEOGRAPHY for 30 years!).

So I totally understand how you felt. But I suppose violence in the voting booth was out of the question?