What about Sweet Corn?

Good news for those following the middle child's adventures in Togo: Kate will soon be enjoying a relief from the Togolese heat via an electric fan. ELECTRICITY. IN AFRICA. Huh?

Kate's Peace Corps service doesn't end until December 2008, but she's just been hired to work for PSI in Lome (Togo's capital) for her final year. Hopefully this means better access to Internet, but I'm pretty sure all she's concerned about is having even a 10-minute reprieve from the billion degree heat.


Funniest voicemail message in recent memory:

"WHOAH. There's a runner in the road. I almost ran him over! Why don't runners at night just wear light bulbs all over their body?!?" -Evelyn


How is it that pumpkin is such a DELICIOUS choice for an ice cream flavor but I cannot think of any other vegetables that could conceivably be another viable choice? Can only imagine sweet potato as a possibility... and, as Evelyn points out, cucumber could make a decent sorbet. Leave your veggie flavor suggestions and insights in the comments and maybe, just maybe, E and I will attempt a vegetable ice cream-making adventure with the best idea.


Evelyn said...

just for the record, the cucumber comment was made in haste, and i don't actually think it would be yummy at all.
and i have a NEW IDEA, but we'd have to find a catchy name for marketing purposes: root vegetable ice cream. i'm thinkin parsnip, sweet potato, and butternut squash. oh yeah. and a little nutmeg and cinnamon.
any other ideas, people?

bec said...

corn ice cream is SO good!! truly.
p.s. let your dear friend know that i ALWAYS think that runners at night should be equipped with a reflector vest, head lamp and reflector patches all over them!

Anonymous said...

Just had some squash pie this weekend and it was quite delicious! Sort of like pumpkin, only lighter (meaning you can have more!!).