While Supplies Last, Part Deux (plus a frozen Padre)

I spent the afternoon flipping through books at the library and then wandering aimlessly through bedding stores in an attempt to find the perfect duvet cover. When I walked back in the door, I didn't see my Dad anywhere and figured he was in the garage. Imagine my surprise when I happened to see him out of the corner of my eye, sitting in a lawn chair on the deck, wrapped in bathroom rugs.

"Oh. my. god. he has LOST it," I thought to myself. "My poor Dad is sitting outside in 40 degree weather, staring off into the woods wrapped in white bathmats from Sears! What could have set this off?!?"

Then he saw me and started waving frantically towards the sliding door. Turns out he went out to shake the rugs and accidentally locked himself outside. He is lucky that my tolerance for Linens 'N Things is low... we could have had a hypothermia situation straight out of Grey's Anatomy going on here.

In other news, Dove has announced another irresistible offer and here is what this year's looks like:

Free tote bag 2007, here I come.

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seasidesar said...

well, i'm VERY excited to hear that dove is still doing this (especially because last year's blue wonder has done you so well, so i have high hopes for bag '07)

btw - your old post reminds me of when FOL was just a newborn baby blog... you've come a long way, baby.