And by broadcasting, I meant 'stealing the finnicky Internet from our neighbors"

Hi folks. Sorry about the lack. Unfortunately the Internet-stealing situation is as stable as the Middle East. We're going to be rectifying that very soon... namely in the way of purchasing our own Internet like good Americans.

I have good stuff for you today, Internet. Because the weather gods smiled down and dumped a pile of wintry mix on us, I spent the day at home. Snow Days are the most fantastic type of free vacation days; they are somewhat unexpected and sort of force you to stay inside and eat cereal on your couch while watching Project Runway for hours. So while basking in the SD glory, I hung curtains and have pictures for you!

A couple of highlights: the leafy lamp is from West Elm, the linen curtains are from Urban Outfitters, the little bottle lamp with lights inside is a gift from the lovely Evelyn, above my bed hangs a map of (you guessed it) Paris, and the framed print aside of the closet is a gorgeous piece of art that Tejal made for me called "The Tree of Life."

The apartment is really coming together and we got to share our newness with Anne and Katherine when they came by last weekend for our annual Secret Santa. Before they arrived, we bought a tree on the street from a French-Canadian woman and decorated it with the ornaments Sarah has acquired over the past 26 Xmases. It's funny to see another's decorations; it feels like looking in someone else's underwear drawer.

There are only 11 shopping days 'til Xmas and I'm still giftless for the fam. A particular challenge this year is shopping for the sister- what does one buy for someone who lives in Togo and has a very limited amount of space in her suitcase for the trip back? Or the brother. What does one need when he's headed to Kenya in 6 weeks with limited space in his backpack?

As for the parents, maybe being the only offspring left on the continent will be gift enough.


Anonymous said...

Room- amazing.
West Elm Lamp- Beautiful!(not as pretty as Ev's though!)
May I ask where in Kenya your brother is going?

A.B. said...

Jen! The room is coming together so well-your curtains look great! Can't wait to see the London and NYC maps up on the walls.

ev said...

Looks awesome! Very peaceful..and gorgeous walls! For the sister- although this depends on how long she'll be there - peanut butter and fancy foodstuffs
For the brother - gift certificate to EMS so he can get himself a handy dandy raincoat for the trip?
Our tree looks awesome. Come see it before it's dead and gone.

Anonymous said...

This is me trying to comment. Comment damn blogspot, comment i say!!

P.S. The room is bitchin'

~Anonymous Goldie