Dreaming a little dream for '08

Me: Maybe I'll meet my future boyfriend in England.
Eliza: In the English countryside.
Me: In a cottage.
Eliza: And he'll be English but live in Brooklyn.
Me: And he'll work at Etsy and offer me an irresistible job.
Eliza: And he'll speak French.
Me: And his Dad will work for Moet and Chandon and get us free champagne all the time.
Eliza: Good one! And he will have a dog.
Me: And he will have a house in a warm place like Greece.
Eliza: I can't wait to meet this guy.
Me: Yeah, me neither.

Taking off for the Motherland in a few minutes for a 9-day visit with other Saxon souls.

Happy 2008 people! May all the dreams you dream when you're bored at work come true.


Anonymous said...

that guy sounds perfect. here's to hoping you find him during your trip across the pond!

happy new year, babe, hope 2008 brings you everything you want.

~ Erica ~

Anonymous said...

happy 2008!!!

p.s don't forget that your guy will have this irrestible british accent a la jude law or hugh grant... ;-) hummmm