The Mixing of the Paint!

Well, well, well. What a naive life I've been leading.

Today I went to a paint store after work to buy a can of the infamous green paint. "Here you go," I said to the paint store employee, handing him my perfectly green chip. "I would like a can of this color paint. Do you have it in stock?"

What proceeded was a conversation in which I realized that I have been living my whole life imagining that all paint stores carry buckets of COLORED paint. Like, I would be able to buy a can of "Brookfield Gardens" paint which is sitting on the shelf next to the "Paradise Island" and a little ways off from "Sheffield Green."

AU CONTRAIRE, MON AMI. The guy gave me the whole birds and bees talk (where do paint colors come from??) and even let me press the mixing button. Blue and yellow and some red poured in from something that looked very much like a soft ice cream machine. We stuck it in the mixer for five minutes et voila! Green!

The whole experience probably lasted 20 minutes at the most, but I left the store with a lighter step. This specific good mood was so familiar but it took me almost my whole commute home until I figured out what had specifically charmed me about the experience. The situation in the paint store was exactly the sort of thing that happened everyday in Paris. I was always stumbling into something new or different and learning by doing was a constant theme last year.

I miss that.

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