Now broadcasting from BROOKLYN

Tonight on my way in the building, I crossed the street and bought a pear for dessert from the fruit market that sits on our corner. This? This is a novelty, my friends. Buying fruit by the piece! Not worrying about it rotting by buying it in advance, but rather plucking it straight from the vine (or from the crate as it may be)... Brooklyn fruit happiness knows no boundaries.

The Move happened this past weekend and for four days I kept waking up thinking "HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO CROSS THE BRONX TODAY?" I made quite a few trips from Ytown to BK this weekend; some in my car, and others in my rented cargo van (which at one point I drove in a bike lane going the wrong way down a one-way busy Manhattan street. That heart attack shaved a good 5 years off the old life!)

I now live among four beautiful green walls and am posting from under my new duvet. Reading by the light of a new leafy West Elm lamp. Listening to Goldrick clean one room over. Listening to the lawyers dimly talk to each other through the other wall. These sounds, muted yet present, are what I like best about living in a city. I am sure there will eventually be a post about how the charming life sounds from next door have become unbearable, but for now I like the company.


bec said...

glad you're enjoying the new room!!!

Anonymous said...

glad you're happy in your new digs !

~ Erica

Anonymous said...

Hey, show us pictures of the much awaited Brooklyn home!

Anonymous said...

yeah! enjoy yourself in your own little place! ;-)
good luck!