Oh, the sweet, sweet Internet

You know, once in a while I discover something technological that completely blows my mind. This need not be complicated, friends. Often I am highly impressed by something as simple as IMing through gmail. Matt, a good friend from Muhlenberg who does all our tech stuff for NIFW, sent me an email the other day with songs attached. Songs! In an email! What ever happened to cassettes?

Well this weekend, Sarah Mclo introduced me to a little thing called "Podcasts." I am sure that if you live in the world, you know about this. I like to think that I am a present being on this planet and yet I had no idea such goodness was happening for free. I just spent hours perusing the Podcast center on my iTunes and I can now say with certainty that I could commute from Brooklyn to Amsterdam and back everyday and still have Podcasts to listen to. There is so much knowledge! Just waiting there! For free!

So far I am receiving daily health tips (oh yeah, THIS is a great idea, considering...), NY Times updates, NPR shows, and book reviews. Just a moment ago I stumbled upon DAILY LANGUAGE LESSONS. I will admit that I was tempted to download Italian, Mandarin and Polish because they're available (and come on! did I mention the free-ness??), but I limited myself to Spanish Intermediate conversation.

Because now I'm having disk space problems.


bec said...

yes. . . SO great. I usually only download the NPR shows on the weekend and then listen to them during the week. gotta love it. hmm. . the language lesssons are intriguing. ZANG.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jen for this post - you just reminded me to download a few for my journey back to England tomorrow. I love music but after hours of travelling alone sometimes all you want is voices talking to you! BBC Radio 4 here I come...
Have a great Christmas,

Anonymous said...

Jen, you can get all the shows from France Inter like that!, that what I do for my commute... some of them are really good.

rafael said...

intermediate Spanish conversation! Me alegra mucho. Espero podamos practicar un poco en un par de dias...
que estes bien