The Drapes of the Face!

So I wrote an email to my former students in Paris yesterday, filling them in on the latest news from NY. And in this email I wrote:

"J'ai eu 27 ans la semaine derniere, et je commence a regarder les rideaux a la visage..."

I looked at it for a good five minutes. And then I did the lazy thing and sent it off, still feeling a little uneasy about my word choice, but unable to figure out the problem.

As it turns out, "rides" is the word for "wrinkles." "Rideaux" is the word for "curtains." So yeah, turning 27 is a good time to check out the drapes on your face. The thing about the French language is that, even when you screw it up, you still sound like Baudelaire.

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Suffragettes said...

Héhé, tu as raison, le français est une langue qui en toute circonstance est poétique.