Nashville and the Night of the Seven Cosmos

Hello there, you. I bet you thought I disappeared or went off the deep end or both. But look! Here I am:

Don't we just look like a Hallmark card? Yes world, it's true; I spent ANOTHER weekend in Nashville. I had a conference for work which I combined with visiting the lovely Muhlenberg ladies (er... Vanderbilt). Dinner and Scrabble at Lindsay's and Origins' face masks with Skershy. Joy!

Does that photo look a little blurry to you? I can't tell because I'm basically still hung over from the conference we were at. Let's just say that professional development has never been so synonymous with SEVEN COSMOS before last night.

Here are pix from Lindsay's (featuring Robin the boyfriend and Sasha the DOG!):

In case you were wondering, the English majors just barely beat the Scientists in a thrilling game of Scrabble.

Speaking of scientists, I also met up with an old friend (as in, she came to my 4th grade birthday party) after almost 10 years of not seeing each other! It is official: everyone I know will, at some point, go get their PhD at Vanderbilt.

I know what you're thinking. "Does Jen ever take that blue sweater off"? And the answer is, never, not even during the night of the seven cosmos, not unless I'm wearing the same one in pink.

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