Quiet company on a quiet night.

There are typically about 12 people in our Wednesday Pilates class, but tonight the line stretched all the way past the ladies' locker room and around the corner. To be honest, we were completely cramped in that workout room, but no one seemed to mind. It was nice to have the company, as well as the distraction. As we stretched before class, someone whispered to her friend, "it's so sad. I haven't stopped thinking about it all day." And half of the room murmured in agreement, smiling timidly at each other from neighboring mats. No one was in the mood for a particularly high-energy workout and our teacher, whose joints are made of silly putty, sensed it and did more demonstrations than normal, giving us extra time to lay quietly and watch.

I left a voicemail for a friend earlier this evening: "I don't know what to say; I'm sad and I thought you might be sad too."

Is it because he was basically our age? Or because we grew up with Heath Ledger as a Hollywood-er of our generation who made brave films? Or because he made a beautiful baby with Jen Lindley and chose to live in bohemian Brooklyn?

Once again, death sweeps in and makes another move that I can't begin to understand.

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Anonymous said...

i feel the same.
i don't really understand why though.
but i am still in shock.