I used to go to Pilates a bunch, so much so that I got pleasure out of holding my 'core area' together for more than a minute. But I haven't gone in a while. And by a while, I mean years.

Tonight's Pilates class was, as one might expect, a little like one glass of wine for a non-drinker. Hungover after the warm-up! Places that I'd forgotten existed were hurting and it wasn't until the end of class that I re-found my love of stretching.

This next thought might make me sound like a complete freak: I cannot remember the last time I stretched. Like, really stretched. Like pulled my feet and hands apart and not just that fake social hamstring stretching you do when you're waiting to grab the Elliptical. After this class, I'm a stretching convert. It wakes you up! It's better than caffeine! I am pretty sure that if everyone stretched for 5 minutes when they woke up, Starbucks would be out of business.

It already sounds good to you, doesn't it? Just reading this post makes you want to do a little stretching of your own. Yep, I know. It's like yawning. Well stretch away, my friends. Stretch away.

P.S. I typed the word "stretch" so many times in this one post that now it looks weird and wrong. Love it when that happens!

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Suffragettes said...

Je vois ce que tu veux dire : quand tu répètes un mot tellement qu'il perd son sens dans sa bouche et reprend sa réalité. Il te parait bizarre, étranger, tordu,...
C'est drôle comme des esprits humains différents peuvent ressentir le même genre de phénomène.