The Humpster

Regarding last night's Muhlenberg happy hour in the city...
Gold: Oh man, I'm so mad I missed it! Seeing all those people and missing drunk Jen!
Me: Oh yeah. Classic moment was when I called one of the Board members the name of the mother of a girl I went to high school with. Then once I figured out that she was not the same person, spent the rest of the conversation saying her name as much as possible. You know, to reinforce the knowing.

Conversation continues about who we do/don't want to see at our 5-year reunion in September.

Gold: Oh HIM. Yeah, he's nasty. He humped everything in the English department.
Me: Yes. He was the Humpster.

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Suffragettes said...

It's sad my english is not good enough to understand the play on word in your note. (Hope there is indeed a play on word)